Is it expensive to convert to central air?

Therefore, it's important to know what type of central air conditioner you need and any additional cost factors you should consider when making a budget. Some smaller homes choose to install a few ductless minisplits instead of building a central air system throughout the house. Make sure you have a clear vision of the scope of the project so you can budget the cost of the central air unit. One of the challenges of installing central air conditioning in an existing home is the need to build ductwork.

We contacted Elite HVACS on one of the hottest days of summer (we didn't have central air conditioning for 2 weeks) and they sent some on the same day to assess the situation and decided to go with them to work. While you can't skimp on the size of your air conditioner nor can you undertake this project on your own, there are several ways to save on your central air conditioning project. A home equity loan is a popular way to finance a new central air conditioning unit with the equity you have in your home. Central air is a system that cools air in one place and transports it to different rooms through a series of fans and ducts.

There are several factors that can affect the final price you pay for installing central air conditioning, including square footage, unit efficiency, number of ducts involved, and labor fees. Adding central air conditioning to your home can make the summer months more bearable, but it can also increase the perceived value of your property. However, your project could take longer if you plan to install ductwork and need a completely new central air system from scratch. The biggest difference between central air conditioning and air conditioning, such as forced air conditioning, is that central air conditioning refers specifically to a cooling system.

For example, adding air conditioning to a small townhouse will be more expensive in areas like Los Angeles than in smaller cities. Residential central air conditioning units are available with a capacity of up to 5 tons, but if you live alone or only need to cool certain areas, you could benefit from a smaller system. Since a central air conditioner can provide heating and cooling to your home, it's good to know the sizes of both functionalities. When evaluating the potential costs of adding a central air unit to your home, consider the benefits this project could have on the total value of your home.

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