How much does central air raise home value?

A new air conditioning unit generally increases the value of a home by 2.5% to 10%. Whatever the case in your home, a new air conditioning unit will increase its value by a small or significant amount. One of the most important factors when buying a new air conditioning unit is to avoid detracting from the value of your property if you have a faulty, broken, or old unit in place. Don't skimp on learning how to install central air conditioning yourself or buying a small unit.

I'm the type of person who needs central air conditioning no matter where I live (because sleeping with the thermostat at 60 degrees is absolutely necessary). If you're thinking about adding central air conditioning to your home, research the available options and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Central air systems not only reduce the temperature inside a home, but also the relative humidity. When considering improving the central air conditioning system, homeowners should consider factors such as the types of air conditioning systems available, the capacity and energy efficiency of the system, and the reputation of different brands. Arkansas homeowners who want to upgrade their central air conditioning systems should consider the brand's reputation when choosing a new system.

As seen in the table, having central air conditioning has a number of benefits that can increase the value and convenience of your home. For example, in many regions of the United States, it's rare to see summer days approach 70 degrees, so a central air conditioner may be considered a pleasant thing to have, but not essential. While the price of a house with central air conditioning would be higher than one without it, the price depends of other market conditions. Therefore, investing in installing a central air system can improve the value of your home and attract potential buyers.

While at least 90% of homes across the country use some type of air conditioning, government statistics show that 66% of them use central air conditioning. The increase in the amount that homebuyers could pay for a home with air conditioning is usually less than the cost of installing the air conditioning. If you live in an area where air conditioning isn't needed, then you won't see any real value in an HVAC upgrade. Central air conditioning systems can have a big impact on property value, as many buyers in today's market recognize them as valuable services.

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